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English Antique Chairs: Hall Chairs

Updated: Jan 30

Approx 1740-1850

Antique Victorian Mahogany Hall Chair Shield Chair Bobbin Legs Chair

English Antique hall chairs were traditionally placed in the hall, also landings and corridors, of large houses. These chairs were designed for utility, providing a place for individuals to sit temporarily whilst waiting to be called in attendance. Nowadays they add interest and decoration whilst also being functional - not only as a chair but also as a small side table.

1.     Design

Constructed with hard wooden seats, always without cushions. Usually solid backed with carved decoration, popular designs include shells, shields, crescents, ovals and vases.

2.     Materials

Mahogany most commonly, occasionally oak. Very rarely rosewood or walnut.

3.     Finish

Mahogany chairs will be polished. If oak, it will have a waxed or dry finish.

4.     Availability

Desirable in pairs although single chairs more common.

When collecting or purchasing antique hall chairs, it's essential to consider the overall design, materials, and condition. As with any antique furniture, provenance, craftsmanship, and originality also play important roles in determining their value.

Antique mahogany hall chair thistle design scotish antique chair

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