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Quality not Quantity

Updated: Jan 30

hand-painted decorative antique table

At the Antiques Hound we offer quality not quantity. This isn’t about mass produced replicas made and imported from India. At the Antiques Hound you will find genuine antique and vintage pieces which are accessible to all. Did you know that a chest of drawers from 1830 is 16 times more carbon efficient than its modern equivalent? Our aim is to offer a more sustainable and accountable way to furnish your home – we like to think of it as “convenience with a conscience”.

Why is this so important? In 2018 consumers in the UK spent £19.1 billion on furniture & home furnishings. Whilst the industry has seen 6 years of continuous growth, less furniture is being made in the UK. In 2003 the UK imported £1.79 billion worth of furniture goods from non-European countries. By 2006 this figure was almost double at £3.38 billion. This ties in with the worrying consumer demand for “fast furniture” – on trend furniture produced at speed so that consumers can conveniently keep up with the latest trends.

In addition to the huge environmental impact of “fast furniture” (the high carbon footprint, the use of non-recyclable materials along with cheap and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde) there is the human cost – low wages, inadequate working conditions and human trafficking, which we perpetuate if we buy into throwaway trends.

Back in the UK, Government figures show that 22m items of furniture are thrown away every year. The majority of these items either end up in landfill sites or burnt in an incinerator.

Antique or Vintage furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if the Antiques Hound does the hard work for you. Adding a design classic, or a once loved piece of antique furniture, instantly creates a sense of history within a space. Here are some of our tips:

  • Buy timeless and stylish pieces that work across interior designs

  • Buy for life – extend a second-hand items lifespan by creating an heirloom of the future

  • Less is more – buy fewer items of better quality or focus on a hero piece to create a statement

  • Avoid mid-century overload – instead try to mix and match different materials, styles and eras to create an eclectic and individual look that reflects you

  • Buy what you love and embrace any imperfections

Antique versus Vintage?

Here is the general rule: Something antique is also vintage, but something vintage isn't necessarily antique. Vintage refers to something that is from an earlier generation – for example G Plan furniture. Antique refers to something that is over 100 years old for example a Georgian or Victorian piece.

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