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Antique Bird Prints published by A Bortzells in 1924.

These chromolithographs comprise two ducks and one cormorant. Framed in gilt wood and ready to hang.

Antique Bird Prints circa 1920

  • Antique prints of a duck and a cormorant by the Finnish artist Magnus von Wright (1805 - 1868), well known in the 1800s as both artist and ornithologist, capturing details and colours not previously seen. 

    And a further duck print by John Gould (1804-1881). Gould was an English ornithologist who published monographs on birds, illustrated by plates produced by his wife, Elizabeth Gould (1804-1841). Elizabeth was a British artist and illustrator at the forefront of the natural history movement, travelling and working alongside her husband.

    These colourful chromolithographs were produced in 1924 by the Swedish lithographer A. Bortzells of Stockholm. 


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