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Hand coloured aquatint by Thomas Sutherland; etched by Henry Alken. Published by Thomas McLean, Haymarket London, 1824. Hunting Scene: Full Cry.  Professionally reframed.

"Full Cry" hand coloured aquatint after Henry Alken by Thomas Sutherland

  • Henry Thomas Alken (12 October 1785 – 7 April 1851) was an English painter and engraver chiefly known as a caricaturist and illustrator of sporting subjects and coaching scenes. His most prolific period of painting and drawing occurred between 1816 and 1831.

    Thomas Sutherland (1785-1838) was a renowned engraver and aquatinter.

    'Full Cry' was first published in 1824; with the last reproduction published in 1927.  Also displayed at The British Museum (museum no. 1927,0609.8).

    This etching with aquatint details a foxhunt in action in the British countryside.  A Full Cry is a hunting term for when the dogs have found the trail of the foxes, and begin to bark.

    This old painting has been professionally re-framed in keeping with its original wooden frame.  It doesn't sit flat due to age - the framer said that the painting has been stuck to the mount so she didn't want to change that in case it damaged the artwork.  A wonderful piece of art with glorious colours.


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