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Elegant late Victorian / Edwardian easy chair newly reupholstered in Fermoie Cove-010 (blue) and Linwood Omega II Velvet in Midnight. Dated c. 1890-1900.  Excellent quality construction with lovely mahgany show wood.

Antique Carver Chair

  • Antique late 19th / early 20th century mahogany framed open armchair which would work as a luxe carver dining chair or fire side in a living room or as a useful bedroom chair.

    Excellent antique condition - the joints are solid and the frame shows signs of historic use but nothing significant.  The chair has been professionally reupholstered in top quality fabrics from Linwood (Omega II velvet in Midnight) and Fermoie (Cove linen in 010 blue) ; bringing it sympathetically up to date.

    The chair is sprung and very comfortable.

    Delivered ready to place in the home.

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