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Limited (1/100) Linoleum Print by listed Swedish artist Einar Emland (1916-1994). Emland painted a series of fishing scenes in the 1960s and in this lino cut print we see two women waiting for the fishing boats to come in.  Signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

"Waiting for the Fishing Boats" Original Mid-Century Swedish Lino Print

  • This framed piece of original Swedish artwork is in a good overall condition, with black ink printed onto a cream paper.  Presented in the original wooden frame which is structurally sound.  Signed and titled by the artist in pen.

    Artist Biography:

    Nils Allan Einar Emland born June 30, 1916 in Ystad and died August 13, 1994 in Malmö, was a Swedish painter. He studied at the Skåne School of Painting in Malmö, with Jules Schyl at the Technical School, with Wilhelm Grüttrud in Oslo, with Peter Rostrup Bøyesen in Copenhagen and at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris 1946-1951. He made study trips to France and the United States. Emland had a distinct expressionist style using thick layers of oil paint to create texture and depth to his work and like many artists, created lino print versions of some of his work.  He is often compared to artists such as Edvard Munch, Carl Kylberg, Emil Nolde, Camille Corot, and Jean-François Millet.

    The motifs of his artwork were often compositions of faceless figures, landscapes and still lifes with a social emphasis. His upbringing in poor conditions in the countryside near Ystad made a deep impression on his art, and the usually simple, hard life in the old Skåne and Bohuslän in the 20th century was presented in recurring themes. Emland is represented in many Swedish museums and public collections, incl. in Ystad, Vänersborg, Helsingborg, Skara and Linköping.

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